Sanitation & Disinfecting 

Fogging Service 

Commercial & Residential

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 Sanitation & Disinfecting   Fogging Service

We safely use ULV fogging systems & EPA registered disinfectants to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens like viruses & bacteria.

Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
Sanitation & Disinfecting Services

Our Disinfectant Solution chemical is EPA Registered & Proven to kill viruses like Influenza, Coronavirus, Hepatitis & H1N1.

Killing 99.9% of germs on virtually 360º of surface area

Lowest Rate in Miami-Dade County!

Servicing Miami-Dade & Broward County

Price Match Guarantee Available


Safe & Insured


Hospital Grade

EPA Registered Disinfectants 


Recurring Services 



Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
Sanitation & Disinfecting Services

Sanitation Disinfecting Spray Service

Residential & Commercial

Schools & Warehouses

Gyms & REC Centers

Hotels & Motels

High-Touch Area Focus

Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
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Sanitation & Disinfecting Services

 Why use ULV Fogging   for disinfecting

For sensitive places & high traffic areas, there’s ULV fogging spray systems. It is a more effective method for disinfecting virtually 360º of surface area


 FREE UV-C Light   Disinfecting Method

UV-C Light can kill up to 99.9% of germs & bacteria.

Ask us about it & we will include UV - C Light disinfecting method for FREE with our services.

We have an easy to read 4 step process on how our full disinfecting service process works.
1: Pre-Screening
2: Preparation
3: Application
4: Certification
Sanitation & Disinfecting Services
After completion, you will be issued a certificate to verify that the location has been sanitized with EPA Disinfectants, thus promoting a safer environment.