How it Works 

1: Pre-Screening

Once a Quote Forum has been submitted, we will reply with an emailed quote within 1 business day.

Our quotes will also include our Equipment Safety Guide of what machine equipment,

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & disinfectant solutions we use for service.

2: Preparation

 Once approved & scheduled to start, our team will be dispatched with disinfecting fogging machines &  their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves, customers, and others when providing service.

Preparation & Application will then begin same day.

Please put away any papers or materials sensitive to moisture.

(For customer safety, no one can be inside the location when applying disinfectants)

3: Application

Disinfectant spray solution will  be  applied to all areas  including furniture, tables, floors & doors.

Especially to High Traffic Areas.

Our ULV fogging system applies the disinfectant onto virtually 360º of surface area.

Our foggers are applied with enough power for widespread areas. We also have foggers with a light mist for detailing such as desks & tables.


Any area that has a high chance for maintaining moisture will be dried off by our battery powered air blower or wiped down with a micro-fiber cloth.

(Residents & customers can return to the location once 2 hours has passed after completing the service)

4: Certification

After completion, you will be issued a certificate to verify that the location has been sanitized with EPA Disinfectants, thus promoting a safer environment.

This could be essential to promote today's new hygienic standard.

(Will be issued by mail within 5 business days)

Blue Green Ribbon Achievement Certificat